About Us
Encore of Bonita Springs is a social club affording members the chance to make new friends and become an integral part of the Bonita Springs community
As the Bonita Springs community continued to grow, the ten year old Newcomers Club established its second spin-off group. The first spin-off group, Sandpipers, was established in 1995 had reached capacity. We needed to provide space in our Newcomers Club for new residents who were anxious to make friends and develop a sense of community in their new location but many of us wished to continue the friendships and activities we enjoyed and we formed the new group, Encore. Encore began in 2000.
ENCORE OFFICERS for 2000 were
President - Betty Steils
1st Vice President - Carol Lombardi
2nd Vice President - Joan Klima
Treasurer- Joan Mahan
Recording Secretary – Peggy  Lyons
Corresponding Secretary – Marge   Killian
Luncheon Coordinator - Jackie Burns
Advisor- Jan George